Sunday, October 3, 2010

Woman On The Move

In today's society it's rare that we stop and give credit were credit is due; especially if it involves giving credit to another woman. We expend so much energy on finding the fundamental flaws of every woman we see that could challenge us physically or mentally. It takes a mature person to understand and appreciate the varying ways in which we are made. Outer beauty does not always reflect inner beauty! The more you live the more you learn and many women do get to that point. Thankfully I have matured past the insecurities that our culture works so hard to embed in most women that you must be a certain, size, race or color to be deemed as beautiful. So with those things said today I spotlight a beautiful woman I'm also fortunate enough to call friend. She is the one and only Ms. Katrina Chambers. Some would deem her a rebel with a cause, a woman on the move, a trendsetter, an insightful mind. I like to say she is driven beyond belief. Ms. Chambers is the assistant to the George family, Co-Author of Play-her Hate-her and the brain child of Pro-tential management which focuses on product development, consulting,and talent management. Along with her newest endeavor Tomboi. Tomboi was created with a purpose to empower women through sports. Each of us has a sports junkie within may it be the competitive nature to be the best at a cards game, have the best looking suit in church, or to be the first to complete a project on a job deep inside we are all wired as a sportswoman! I encourage each of you to take a look at this woman as she is quickly rising to the top of her game and taking the world by storm. With the goal to connect women young and old alike she is unstoppable. Make sure you visit the most comprehensible blog online for women discussing sports, health, beauty, fitness and entertainment. Why? Because we love sports too!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Losing Focus

What's up blog world I've been gone for awhile but now I am back! I haven't posted anything in months and its not because there hasn't been a million things I could have said but work has been a beast these first 3 months. It is so easy to get lost in the day to day shuffles of life and before you know it, you look up and realize you have lost focus. I was reading a research article on where all strong leaders or managers should focus their energies and it was then that I noticed that I had lost focus. Where did it all derail? What causes things to often appear blurry when the basics in life should be crystal clear? It's right when you feel that you have a pulse on exactly who you are as a person, and where you want to go in life that things often get complicated. However, its in the most tempered moments that we are made the strongest. So each tough moment look through the looking glass and find a way to re-charge and re-focus because its only a momentary set back for the next set up on the path to success.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Crazy Love

“They say love makes you do crazy things but some of the craziest things we do is for love” The past two weeks of my life have been hectic and challenging; but one thing I do appreciate is the peace of mind I've obtained from seeking to understand God! Regardless of how empty one feels when feeling betrayed by love knowing that the only love that matters is always ever present is amazing. So as I chuckle at the memories and many stories that come along with love....knowing that love will manifest in many ways always helps bring the sun out again. So what have you done for love?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Once in bloom they all open and show their inner glory…
So he skips up to me beaming with pride and smiling so brightly and says I picked this one just for you! I turn to face him and return his eager anticipation startled by his arrival, and reply just for me, are you sure? He responds poking his chest further out and says yep… just for you!

Someday everything will all make sense or maybe it won’t, however the more we live the more we learn. In our daily hustle and bustle, we forget to laugh in the midst of confusion, smile while tears are flowing, and remind ourselves of the simplicity and ease that life can bring.

At one point in time we have all heard, that everything happens for a reason. Each moment, each day, each random act of kindness over looked can be a missed blessing in disguise. Often time’s things go so wrong we miss the moments that go right. So today as I worked in my front yard, when the 5 year old from three doors down ran my way and says I picked this one just for you…because I want to see you smile!

I cease the moment, sit back and gladly return my smile…

Monday, April 12, 2010


Often times we are told that we should value the friends we have in this lifetime because they are rare, well I have few friends but the woman’s opinion that I value the most is my mother. Who wouldn’t rely on the first voice you ever heard, or depend on the person who’s had your back since day one? I often speak to my mother several times a day to many times a week, I know most view it as excessive my sisters have been telling me for years “that I am such a momma’s baby and “girl you tell momma entirely too much!” Well I must admit she gives the best advice around… harsh words at times, but often so true!

Recently, I found myself repeating a G-dub-ism(the coined phrase I often use when quoting my mother) at work, “As long as you can read black writing on white paper you are going to be alright!”, if I’ve heard that once I’ve heard it a thousand times from my mother. As I stated this to my co-worker last week they gave me the most beguiled look; and left me highly disgruntled as I struggle to comprehend why adults don’t understand this concept in the work place?

According to More than 20% of adults can’t read well enough to complete an application. Another 25 percent, while able to read at a somewhat higher level, still lack the ability to function successfully on the job and in society. That’s almost half of the population. (Workplace literacy: Are Your Employees Making the Grade? August, 07)
Seriously… It was something in the unspoken look of confusion that made me wonder, Am I surrounded by the functionally illiterate or are we that stubborn that we refuse to comply with simple expectations and directives, that fall within the boundaries of our contractual obligatory duties in the work place?
Many educators have a saying that reading and comprehending are two different things. Well it’s time for many of us to take my momma’s advice and get on board with reading the writing that’s on the wall. We are at our highest rate of unemployment in our nation’s history! Stop taking our limited positions of employment (better yet the blessing of having a job when so many are looking for granted).Get on board folk’s momma didn’t raise no fool!